Where do you live?

We live in sunny Western Australia!

Tell us about your horse…

More than anything, Manu is my pride and joy. He came into my life as a “rebound” horse but it took me less than a week to realise that this boy was going to stay with me.

I honestly think Manu is hilarious, even if I do say so myself! He will pull the craziest stunts and keeps getting himself into trouble. But between you and me – I can’t stay mad at that face of his ?

He was gelded when he was six and thanks to that he still has a lot of stallion quirks. He’s an attention seeker with a soft spot for pretty mares. – The more chestnut the better!

He’s smart and a quick learner but also incredibly opinionated! With Manu you kind of need to make him feel as if the thing you’re asking from him was “his idea” because if it wasn’t, oh looooord, get ready for the tantrums!

Most importantly, he’s a clown and very gentle. I still consider myself incredibly lucky that we got to cross paths and that I can now call him my very own Emotionalpony.

‘You put your left foot out and shake it all about’ ?

Describe a typical day for you

I am studying to become a veterinary doctor and work on the side so my horsey life is made up of whatever time I have left.

But when I make it out to the stables I just looooove a good groom. Manu loves the extra attention and my OCD cannot handle poo stains, so I suppose we both win!

We have an amazing dressage coach who takes us through the paces twice a week and then I ride him 2 more days by myself, or 3 if I’m really, really lucky! 

What equestrian dreams are you chasing?

My absolute dream is to keep growing as a team. I don’t have any dreams (yet) of competing, but I am taking him out more and more which seems to work absolute magic for us. 

Another dream, or well… more like a wish, is that I hope that his Instagram keeps doing well, it’s such a fun creative outlet for us and it has given us the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people and businesses.

I feel very privileged to have that opportunity and hope I may still do so for many years to come. 

You is Storm Trooper. Me is Storm Pooper ??

How would you describe your personal style?


I love the classic equestrian outfits but am just as obsessed with the quirky stuff! I love a wild print, especially if the clothing makes sense.

It needs to hug in the right places, look pretty and interesting and make me feel pretty! Sweet Iron Co gives me just that ❤️

What problems does your Sweet Iron gear solve?

Those who know my account know that I don’t particularly enjoy being in photos myself, especially not up close..


At least one of us has our eyes open ?

Where can we stalk you?

Come and visit our Instagram here


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