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T Shirt Hack Show: What exactly do you wear?

You might have heard the term ‘T-Shirt Hack Show’ being bandied around lately.. but what exactly are they?

A T shirt hack show is a more casual, fun approach to traditional horse shows. They’re great for new riders and green horses to get prepared for the show season – without the full on preparation needed for higher level events.

The dress code is more casual and often horses are left un-plaited (but obviously still nice and clean).

So it’s more casual – but what should you actually wear? 

Many T-Shirt hack shows have a minimum standard of a shirt with collar and sleeves (polo) though some are a little vaguer and state ‘neat casual’ attire.

Either way – you can’t go wrong with a high quality, well fitting polo shirt.

T-Shirt Hack Day Clothing Guidelines:

– Well fitting & stylish collared shirt. With short or long sleeves.

– Clean, pale jodhpurs or breeches. Beige or fawn are your safest bet.

– Australian standard helmet – but you already knew that 😉 

– Short or long boots. If you’re wearing half chaps – make sure they’re the smooth leathery ones in the same colour as your boots – not rough suede ones.

Do you have any suggestions for riders attending their first T-Shirt Hack Day? If so, please let us know in the comments 😀 ?

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  1. – Use gloves in the colour of your saddle (so either dark brown or black) OR white or beige.
    – If you are using short boots use jodhpur clips (little clips that keep jodhpurs down on your boot).
    – Use a hairnets or a bun net to keep your hair neat and tidy.
    – Don’t wear obvious jewellery, keep it to simple studs/mini hoops and don’t wear bracelets.
    – Keep makeup simple and classy, no bright party makeup!!

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