Where do you live?

I live in central Victoria where the ground is hard and full of quartz, its hot in Summer (no complaints there) and frosty in Winter.

Tell us about your horse?

Arlo the Magnificent is a grey Andalusian X Quarter Horse.

He is a fabulous all-rounder and we compete regularly with HRCAV.

I have a lovely trainer who has helped us so much over the past few months and we are certainly a work in progress with some wonderful days and some not so wonderful!

I absolutely adore Arlo, he is my one in a lifetime horse and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Describe a typical day for you:

I start by feeding Arlo and changing rugs and then getting myself ready for work and my daughter Sophia ready for School.

I try to ride a few times a week, mainly out in the bush (Arlo’s favourite place) and we attend regular lessons.

The evenings are filled up with more feeding and rugging, chores, ballet runs for Sophia and getting organised to do it all again the next day…

What equestrian dreams are you chasing?

My ultimate goal is to reach Level 1 Dressage and know that I have been able to help Arlo reach his full potential.

My short term goal is to get through Level 3 SJ (something I never, ever thought I would try) and possibly tackling Level 3 HT (after a whole lot of whiskey).

On my secret wish list is another riding holiday in Spain with friends.

How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic, classic and never set in stone! Fundamentally I love unique pieces that are well made and can easily move between seasons.

What problems does your Sweet Iron gear solve?

I didn’t have many riding tops until I found Sweet Iron… Finally my passion for unique prints, quality fabric and flattering fit is available in Australia and it’s both affordable and accessible.

I really enjoy being well presented in lessons, clinics and competitions and it’s a bonus to be able to tuck in or leave out.

My friends call me “Natalie I can’t ride without matching outfits Waters” so it’s lucky I have the support of Sweet Iron!

Where can we stalk you?

Facebook, but I should give Instagram a try!

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