Where do you live?

Currently Kentucky USA, originally from Northern Ireland.

Tell us about your horse?

I’ve two main horses:
Ardragh Rock Star, he’s a 7 yr old Irish Sport horse, crazy talented and a little opinionated, one of the ladies in the barn gave him the nickname Conor McGregor and its very fitting!

My other horse is Thomascourt Limitless, a 10 yr old Irish Sport horse, coming back after a series of unfortunate accidents. He’s a little (a lot!) spoilt, he knows he’s the barn superstar…he squeals when he gets to jump, even if it’s just a tiny cross rail! ?

Describe a typical day for you…

We start at 7am, ride until approx 4pm then lessons from 5-8pm, nightcheck around 8.30pm. We just try to fit in as much work as we can into every minute of the day!

What equestrian dreams are you chasing?

I focus mainly on young horses, every Irish rider dreams of competing on the Aga Khan Nations Cup team in Ireland but really I’d love to maybe produce a young horse through to a World Cup qualifier some day.

How would you describe your personal style?

Lots of colours, so many colours! I have an Amish employee who likes to remind me I’d make a terrible Amish lady because I could never wear bright blues, greens and pinks!

What problems does your Sweet Iron gear solve?

The gloves are amazing! The protect my hands and I can answer calls on my phone if I need too but they still hold up to the rigors of riding and showing some very strong horses.

Where can we stalk you?

See us here – Instagram
New website coming in Feb 2019 ??

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