Where do you live? 

I live on the Sunny Coast in Queensland. I’m lucky enough to live on an equestrian property… So I get to wake to my horse every day.

Tell us about your horse?

My dancing queen, ‘World Of Music’ or ‘Julia’ as we call her at the barn, is a 16.3hh Hanoverian mare by Worldly. 

Together we campaign at Small Tour level, whilst chipping away at the Grand Prix movements at home (for next year!

Describe a typical day for you:

Usually, it’s a 7:30am start when Julia gets let out of her stable and into the paddock with her brekkie (she get’s it before I do 😜)

While she munches away (and my tummy grumbles,) I’ll take care of the mucking out and stable duties.

With those chores out of the way, I grab my own brekkie and either head off to Uni or have a training session with Julia. Though sometimes we skip our dressage homework and head out on a relaxing trail ride.

Outside of dressage schooling, I do also try to hit the gym to help keep myself physically fit to improve my strength in the saddle.

By the time the late arvo swings around, Julia will be standing by her paddock’s gate, eagerly waiting for her din-din.

bright blue equestrian shirt 3

What equestrian dreams are you chasing?

Like many riders, I truly do dream to one day represent my country at the Games.

That vision is always strong, though I also enjoy having ‘stepping stone’ goals as well. Next season I aim to make the jump into the Under 25 Grand Prix scene

How would you describe your personal style?

My equestrian style is very much matchy-matchy – to the point where I’m a tad OCD!

To me, I think I just ride better when Julia & I are dressed in our best, even if know one’s around to see.

There’s something about it that just gives us that extra confidence boost and a bit of ‘slay’ power.

Though I must say – and I know it’s such a girly thing – but I do absolutely adore anything in pink! It’s just too cute!

What problems does your Sweet Iron gear solve?

What I adore how flattering my PopTops are! Poor clothing design has been I think many gals can relate, but poor design is such a pain when trying to find that right fit, especially in equestrian wear.

Sweet Iron Co never fails to get it perfect when it comes to a quality fit.

On top of that, the unique, vibrant designs never fail to attract comments when I’m out and about.

Where can we stalk you?

Equestrians can find me on my IG account @anastasiaquirk where I love to share my dressage journey and passion for everything horsey related. I’m also active on FB (Anastasia Quirk), where I mostly share my progress at events and such.

Come and visit! Julia & I would love to have you part of our journey!