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‘Best Presented Competitor’ Award Guidelines | Showjumping Presentation

It feels great to present your horse beautifully at events, doesn’t it? And getting a prize & sash for your efforts will make it all the sweeter ?

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring ‘Best Presented’ Awards at select club events around Australia (see below for upcoming events) ?

The prizes include product vouchers and stunning purple/gold fringed sashes.

As the name suggests, the idea is to award a competitor a prize & sash based on their overall appearance and attention to detail. It’s an opportunity to recognise those competitors that go that extra mile to present themselves and their horses beautifully.

To help prepare for your next event – we’ve compiled some ‘Best Presented’ guidelines below.

Showjumping Presentation Guidelines:

Even in classes/disciplines (like showjumping) where presentation is not officially judged – it’s nice to take pride in your horse and your appearance at competitions.

Polished presentation is a sign of respect to the judge & organisers – and let’s be honest, it means you’ll get some nice photos on the day too ?

Horse Presentation:

  • Clean & tidy appearance, well groomed with no visible mud.
  • Oiled, neat hooves with well fitting boots.
  • Neatly trimmed mane & tail.
  • Plaiting is not required.

Gear & Tack:

New equipment or expensive gear is not expected, however your tack should be neat & well fitting. In fact, well used (and cared for) tack can be beautiful!

Remember to pay attention to details like:

  • having buckles in keepers,
  • having clean, polished tack,
  • correct fit & placement of all gear (i.e. nosebands, martingales and boots)

Rider Presentation

  • Clean clothing and tidy presentation.
  • Tucked in shirt
  • Neat hair  <— this can make a huge difference to your overall appearance!
  • Clean boots
  • Clean helmet.
  • Pale breeches or jodhpurs.
  • Plain chaps can be worn with short boots.

If there are no specific club rules about rider presentation – you can read the current EA Showjumping Dress Code here.

  • Jackets are optional.  lf no jacket is worn, shirts must not be sleeveless. If the shirt is long sleeved, the sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned.
  • Riders must wear a dress shirt and business tie or a dress shirt with rat catcher collar done up (capped sleeves or variants will not be accepted).
  • Collars (and cuffs of long sleeved shirts) must be white.

Upcoming ‘Best Presented’ Award Opportunities:

Standardbred Association of QLD 2018 Showjumping Gala (Open to All Breeds)

  • 10th June, 2018, City of Ipswich Pony Club
  • Sashes & vouchers for 3 levels (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced).

Darwin Showjumping Club Freds Pass Show

  • 19th & 20th of May, 2018 Fred’s Pass Rural Reserve, Freds Pass Reserve
  • Sashes & Vouchers for Junior and Senior Best Presented Showjumping Competitor.
  • Vouchers for Most Successful Junior and Senior Showjumping Competitor.

Pinjarra Horse and Pony Club Showjumping Spectacular

  • 16th September, Murray Regional Equestrian Centre, Coolup
  • Sashes and Vouchers for Senior Best Presented Competitor.

If you’d like to apply for Sponsorship on behalf of your club or association – please visit this page.


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