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2019 showjumping dress code with EA Summer Rules

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been doing it for years, it never hurts to know the current showjumping dress code… after all, you may want to liven up your outfit at your next eventĀ ?

Usually, the organising committee will outline what uniform is to be worn by during the event. This article explains the current showjumping dress code fromĀ Equestrian Australia Dress Regulations for Showjumping (as at April 2019).

A standard traditional showjumping dress code in Australia is,

  • pale breeches,
  • shirt & tie (or ratcatcher)
  • jacket (hunting or riding jacket)
  • top boots (black or brown)

However, in warmer climates often the organising committee will recommend that riders ride in summer dress – which comprises of no jacket but a shirt with a collar (and tie) or ratcatcher.

More on that below..

showjumping dress code

Showjumping Dress Code: The Shirt


Short or long sleeves are acceptable. Sleeveless shirts or singlets are not acceptable.

Long-sleeved shirts must have white cuffs which are rolled down and buttoned.


Showjumping shirts should have a white collar.

Stocks or ties can be worn. However, with a high collar (or rat catcher shirt style) you can wear the shirt without a tie or stock.

Just quietly…Ā This is why our PopTops have white collars that can be worn as ratcatchersĀ ?


Most colours are acceptable – as long as the collar is white (and the cuffs if it’s a long sleeve shirt).

The shirt should be predominantly one colour.

Fancy ruffles, cutouts or ornate detailing should be avoided.

Casual Showjumping Dress Code

For more casual competitions there is an alternative showjumping dress code of pale breeches, neat polo shirt and top boots.

Just a heads up…It really pays to check the program. Many showjumping organisers implement a dress code as a sign of respect to sponsors and to maintain a standard in the sport.

It would be a real fizzer to get eliminated for wearing the wrong clothes.

Here are a few other things to remember:

  1. An Australian standard helmet is mandatory at every competition.
  2. You should walk the course in the correct showjumping dress code.
  3. For the presentation (either mounted or on foot) it’s generally expected that you wear the same clothes as you do in competition.

To check out our signature shirts which are legal for showjumping – check out this link šŸ˜€

showjumping dress code shirt australia
Junior rider, Georgia R demonstrating the correct showjumping dress code (wearing her Sweet Iron PopTop Shirt)

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