‘Bloody Big’ Repurposed Horse Feed Bag


Created from horse feed sacks & trucking straps. These bags are handmade by marginalised women (see more on that below). These huge bags are great for carting around gear to comps or clinics. They’re super strong and the straps are deliciously wide and comfy PLUS you can just hose them out when they collect a bit too much horse grime. Perfect! 👌

  • Handmade and delightfully imperfect.
  • Created from repurposed feed bags & retired ratchet straps.
  • Absurdly strong, waterproof and tough as nails. Finally you can banish the fear of losing your laptop to a burst bag or broken strap.
  • Pocket on one side. Strap colour will vary and parts may be patched. Approximately 35cm x 45cm.
  • Great everyday bag for shopping or working…or just generally keeping your 💩 together.
  • All bags are totally unique and only a limited number are available. In stock and ready for immediate, express shipping.
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Handmade & Creating Jobs for Independence

Old Bags are masterfully crafted by the ladies at SisterWorks. As migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women the opportunity for training, socialising and paid work is an important step towards independence.

This is a wholly commercial agreement with no grants or subsidies. The Sisters are remunerated above award rate for their craftswomanship 👌

Repurposing to avoid landfill

Empty animal feed bags and retired ratchet straps are intercepted before making their way to landfill. With their original purpose to ‘lift heavy things’ – it means these bags are super tough. Never again will you be fearful of losing a bottle of wine to a burst bag or broken strap.

They seem pretty pricey…just sayin’ 🤷‍♀️

Right!? So it seems the people who invented mass production & cheap labour were onto something 🤣

The stuffing around that goes with collecting and cleaning these things is pretty hectic…then there’s the printing, transporting them to the Sisters, the stitching and transporting them back then tax & marketing costs 🙄…. It would be so much easier, cheaper and faster if they were all made from a big roll of plastic, in a stinkin’ factory – but where’s the fun in that? 😜

On the plus side, these things are so tough and well made, they will probably outlive you so you can consider them a family heirloom AND a super sharp fashion accessory 🤔

Disclaimery Stuff

Seeing as these straps did some hardcore work in their original life – you’ll probably see a stain or two. Let me assure you it’s not for a lack of scrubbing, soaking and washing on our behalf 🤣… We’ve cleaned all the straps to remove all hints of oil, diesel and all that yard yakka stuff – but we just cant get out some of the rust stains.

Also, some of the feed bags have a hole or two… which we’ve lovingly patched up with canvas… Remember the good ol’ days when we used to patch things up instead of chucking them out? Good times…. 🤣

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