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These ARE are the lightweight, stretchy & durable blue equestrian gloves you’ve been waiting for! Super comfortable – even for people that hate wearing gloves.

  • Snug fit lycra backing for stretchiness without bulk.
  • Mostly smartphone friendly ? (see below for details).
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking and fast drying.
  • Full grip embossed polyurethane on the whole palm & between the rein fingers.
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Why are they mostly smartphone friendly equestrian gloves?

For 100% touchscreen friendly gloves, you need conductive fibres like copper or carbon. During testing we found that these fibres couldn’t handle life around horses. Between sweat, dust & moisture they got a bit wiggy pretty quickly.

However, we found that these second skin gloves held up to the rigours of riding and gave about 90% use-ability with a touch screen. i.e. swiping, scrolling, answering calls, taking photos etc.. just a wee bit clunky with text 😉

Sizing and fit

These gloves are designed to be a snug fit with the stretchy freedom of lycra for full movement. They fasten in front of the wrist bone to allow for more hand movement.

Measure your hand as shown (in inches) for the correct sizing.

Medium: 7 inches

Large: 8 inches

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Medium, Large

1 review for ‘Second Skin’ Gloves | Blue

  1. Karlia Woods

    I was lucky enough to grab a pair of these gloves are they are now my go to glove! They are stretchy enough to do up fiddly bridle buckles, can bang out a selfie without taking them off with my smartphone and look like a rebel with the help of the skulls! These gloves really meet the needs of the rider and if it wasnt super weird I’d wear them everywhere ? Sweet Iron Co have outdone themselves and I cant wait to see what they do next.

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