Do you wonder why plus sized equestrian garments are the dowdy, frumpy cousin of their smaller sisters?

Do you get the shits when the options are pathetically limited – you really don’t get much choice in what to wear? 

Why don’t conventional brands offer a broader range for the plus sized equestrian? 

We honestly have no idea.. 

Anyway, call us obliviously naive but that’s exactly what we’ve done with Sweet Iron. 

With our launch range of shirts – you will find:

  • True to size Australian sizing from 6 – 20. We’re also happy to increase the size range if there’s enough demand. 
  • Extra length shirts – to make it easier to keep everything tucked in. 
  • Funky patterns and fabrics so you can express the real you. (We’re giving the finger to billowy beige blouses – urgh!)

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