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A few ways to make your horsey smartphone photos more creative

If your camera roll is full of derpy, out-of-proportion pics of your horse – here’s a few tips to make your feed a tad more creative.

No fancy cameras required ?

First up.

Take a moment to cast your eye over your horse (and particularly your gear). Put excess straps into their keepers, double check that everything is ‘correct’… Those god-damn keyboard warriors love nothing better than to heckle an otherwise outstanding photo with comments like ‘Ugh.. learn to wrap your polos’

Give your horse & tack a quick wipe over. Nothing like a glossy coat and gleaming saddle to give you the smiles 🙂

Yoooo hoooo! Anyone home?

To get a cute ears forward pic – resist the urge to wave your arms and whoop like a madwoman ?

Usually the result is a wide-eyed, terrified expression.

Instead go for a more peaceful noise like scrunching a chip packet or shaking feed in a bucket.

On the horizon…

Make sure the background is level. This means the horizon, fences, arena border etc.

It’s amazing how unco a photo can look if the horse looks like it’s travelling downhill (or uphill) because the background reference is on an angle.

Side-on, front-on or somewhere between the two make for the most flattering photos. Pics taken from the back are rarely flattering for horse (or rider!)

Mix Up Your Focus

Your horse doesn’t need to be front and centre the whole time. Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with a different point of focus.

To change the focus on your smartphone, tap on the point of interest – and the your phone will automatically refocus.

Action Shot Timing

Photos taken mid-stride usually look a bit gumby… Instead go for the moment of extension or elevation in stride.

In the trot, the best possible moment is when the front leg closest to the camera is at full extension.

In canter, it’s when the inside foreleg is at the point of elevation ?

A subtle pop of colour…

If your Insta feed is full of browns and greens…. with horses, dust and trees, then make the most of colourful opportunities.

Where possible try and add a splash of colour into your pics. Keep an eye out for candid colourful moments and snap up a storm.

Cheeky Peeks

Peer through a tree to frame a photo with leaves… or pop round the corner for a cute candid snap.

Bonus points if you can capture some colour in the process!

Technical fouls for the win…

Don’t discount photos of fails!

With all the ups and downs that go with horses, it’s waaaay more relatable to include those imperfect moments ?

The unexpected close up…

Close ups don’t always need to be of your horse’s noggin ?

Pics that show unusual details are surprisingly likeable.

Work your body!

Holding your horse ‘front on’ can sometimes (not always) look a lil derpy.

Position yourself side on or angled to the camera will help avoid the ‘garden gnome’ effect. It works even better if your horse is also on an angle.

It’s also super cute to share a few ‘moments’ with your horse. These kind of pics are great for communicating the relationship you share.

What have been your favourite home-grown pics of your horse? What tips have you got for the rest of us? 🙂

Share your advice in the comments below… we’d love to know! ?

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  1. I just take lots and lots off picture and hope that one of them is good ?
    Not the best way offcourse..(instagram glasgowhorse)

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