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Horse Hair Jewellery Process – Custom Orders

  1. Please wash & comb the horse hair. This is easier to do while still attached to the horse.
  2. Tail hair is preferable – take a section the thickness of your finger from the centre of the tail, up near the dock. Immediately secure with an elastic. If using mane hair, get as long section as you can. We need a minimum length of 20cms.
  3. Ensure sample is completely clean and dry before posting.
  4. Add your name & order number to the sample.
  5. Post to PO BOX 316 Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340 (get tracking so we know when to expect it).

For all Custom earring enquiries, please contact Pauline directly on


Do you have a showroom?

No we don’t… We work out of our farm and are not in a position to open to the public.

What sort of findings do you use?

Standard orders are stainless steel, please contact us if you have other requirements (i.e. sterling silver) and we will be able to accommodate you.

How long will my order take?

Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks from receiving the hair sample. If we can get it out faster we will. If you’ve ordered other things, i.e shirts, gloves etc – these will be sent together when the jewellery is completed.

Where does your ‘in stock’ horse hair come from?

Our squadron of free-loading paddock ornaments 🤣… Thoughtfully we selected a batch of knuckleheads who have good selection of colour. Our in-stock tail hair includes black, white, grey & deep chestnut.

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