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These 12 horses that won Halloween :-)

Love it or hate it, Halloween is a thing that’s getting bigger each year. 

Everyone loves a dress up party right?

Horse ownership can be so stressful and serious – so forgive us if we relish the chance to act a bit crazy…

We reckon these 12 horses won at Halloween.. what do you think?

1. Eye Spider with my little eye-der….

2. Most effective on super tall horses (or very short handlers)

3. Ghastly ghouls & slick skeletons

4. Stop dragon me around!

5. The other, other 'green' horse

6. Such a racy outfit!

7. Don't warrior – I got this….

8. I lose my head at events…

9. Nawwww.. it's Horsy Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

10. A most cape-able rider…

11. Those pesky salesmen with their gold, frankincense and myrrh…

12. Because we all know where it ends up….

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