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The older you get the better you ride & here’s why…

Just like a fine wine, some things improve with age – and luckily for us, riding is one of those things!

Though your joints may disagree, here’s 7 reasons to look forward to a better relationship with horses as you get older…

1.That level head…. As you get older, you get better at setting boundaries with horses and are less likely to punish them. This leads to a more harmonious relationship between horse and rider.


2.You’re calculating… Over the years you’ll learn how to manage risk.  This means you’re less likely to do dumb things and potentially damage yourself (and your horse) in the process.


3.Your farm is calm… You’ll be less ‘flappable’ and handle stressful situations much better than a younger rider.


4. You’ve got an analytical mind….You don’t waste time on so-called ‘quick fixes’. You know that everything with horses takes money time and patience….and you’re ok with that.


5.You’re not spoiling for a fight….With more experience under your belt, you can deal with conflict pretty well these days. This means you never blame your horse anymore.


6.Pfffffttttt… You don’t give a HOOT what other people think of you… You ride because you LOVE IT – not to impress other people.


7.You leave your cranky pants at home… Studies have found that anger declines steadily as you get older. In addition, all the negative emotions such as sadness, anger and fear become less pronounced than in our drama-filled younger years.


What advice would you give younger riders when they’re starting their journey with horses?

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7 thoughts on “The older you get the better you ride & here’s why…

  1. Yes and we don’t mess about because old bones break easy, we no longer bounce too well ( I am 62 years old )

    1. You’re spot on in that one!

  2. Hell yes! If only I could get passed the I dont bounce anymore…

  3. Even though they allow us to strap leather to their back and put steal in their mouth. I remain respectful because I am still a guest in their house and they can easily at any time toss you out of their house.

  4. Smile and breath. You are meant to be having fun. If you don’t understand what your instructors say, then stop and ask them. The more you talk the less you listen. This means listening to what your horse is telling you. Xxxx

  5. Yeah older and somewhat wiser, until horse spooked suddenly and I fell. Fractured ribs,humerus and dislocated shoulder. But I will be back. ?

  6. Take note of the horse you have on the day!

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