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Why an EquiVisor helmet brim is your face’s best friend…

Let’s be real.

Even if you think an EquiVisor helmet brim looks a little dorky – you owe it to your skin to give them a second thought.

Leathery skin aside, melanoma has to be one of the scariest cancers out there… and the piddly little brims on most helmets provide pretty much zero sun protection.

Not to mention, riding in the glaring sun, with stinging sunscreen eyes is no fun for anyone.

While still a rarity in Australia, these face saving helmet shades have been growing in popularity in the US over the last few years.

Due in part to the popularity of celeb-questrians snapped in the saddle with them ?

Kaley Cuoco (from The Big Bang Theory) isn’t compromising that porcelain complexion!

Until now it’s been pretty tricky to get hold of an EquiVisor helmet brim in Australia (with $50 shipping costs on Ebay! ?). But whoop, whoop we’re now offering them in our online store

Available in Navy & Black for $78 – they’re probably the best investment you’ll make for your skin all Summer.

Equivisors are in stock and available now… Check them out here.

Sweet Iron Co Rider, Isabelle (@modernequestrian) teaming an EquiVisor with her Navy Skulls PopTop

@jumpingjesss teaming a black Equivisor with her Scandi PopTop
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