muffin-top is a slang term typically used to describe a man or woman’s body fat that is visible above the waistline of pants or skirts because of tight clothing.

Let’s face it, the person that invented breeches probably never dealt with dimples, bulges and other sticky outty bits…

So what’s the best way to deal with the dreaded ‘muffin top’?

Sure you can wear a big shirt to cover up.. but that does nothing for your silhouette.

Plus, there are circumstances (like comps or clinics) where you need to wear a more fitted shirt.

But… before you put down that bickie and start looking up ‘bikini bod’ articles – there IS an easier way to get a sleeker shape in the saddle.

The muffin top effect is usually caused (and exacerbated) by badly fitting clothing. And make no mistake, the best way to deal with muffin top is not to try and hide it – rather the aim is to not accentuate it.

Here’s how..

Choosing the right breeches:

  • Waistbands:  Breeches with a wider waistband are pure gold. They’re supportive and dont give you the dreaded ‘strung ham’ look. Low-rise breeches will make muffin top worse. Choose mid to high waisted options instead.
  • Get size wise: Don’t worry about the size on the label. Lord knows that equestrian sizing is all over the place. Too small and your curves will ‘fountain’ out the top of your pants. To big and you’ll get saggy bits and look like you missed a bathroom break

Just get the pair that fits best and don’t worry about the number.

  • Zips and pockets: Concealed zippers and angled (slash) pockets are the most flattering.

Handy Cheats: 

• Sucky-Inny Shapewear: With our scorching summers, the thought of compression garments (like spanx) probably gives you those icky prickly heat feels. 

Don’t stress, there is a better option. Skimmies Slipshorts are a lighter alternative, and they’ve been specifically designed for hot weather. You can pick them up for around $20.

• Get Belted: You probably think it sounds counterintuitive to wear a belt when you have muffin top. But trust me here…If you do this right, it works wonders

Not only does a nice belt add some ‘zing’ to your outfit – it also distracts your eye from junction between your shirt and breeches.

This lucky lady has no muffin top.. but see how nicely her belt transitions her outfit?

Choosing the right shirts: 

• Tailored, not tight: There is nothing that accentuates muffin top more than a tight top. So choose shirts that are contoured, not clingy. 

The best material for a fitted look is cotton… with a littlest bit of stretch. 

• Prints: NEVER wear stripes.. horizontal or vertical. It just WONT work.

Furthermore, small prints are better at disguising muffin top than solid colours. Especially *cough* if it’s a funky punk print that looks like cutesy polka dots from a distance 😜  

• The collar: Button down shirts are ALWAYS more flattering than a round neck.  

• Tucking in: Shirts with a longer drop are your friend. This way you can ‘blouse’ them to give your tum a little more wiggle room without them untucking. 

So the general consensus is…Go for clothing that fits well, but doesnt try and suck you in. A shapely shirt will help to smooth out your silhouette and create a more sleek appearance.  

But in the end… who really cares? Probably just you 😉

The most important thing is to be confident in yourself.

We all have moments of feeling self conscious in our equestrian gear… so jump on, stick your boobs out and ride like you mean it xx 

Well, looky here…

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Hello versatility! 

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Equestrian Fashion Hacks: How to get a smoother silhouette

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