Expressions of interest for equestrian event sponsorship in 2019.

Please note, we are NOT sponsoring individuals at this time.

To be considered for equestrian event sponsorship, read through the guidelines and complete the form below.

?Please take the time to read this criteria carefully?

A thorough and thoughtful application gives us a good indication that our sponsorship contribution will be valued.

Equestrian Event Sponsorship – What we offer:

At this stage our sponsorship contribution is limited to product vouchers & sashes. The value amount depends on the size of the event.

Here is an idea of how we could support your equestrian event:

  • Sweet Iron Co gift vouchers for prizes.
  • Embossed sashes to add a little extra sparkle to your presentations.
  • We will help promote your event through our social media channels.
  • We’d like to expand prize opportunities to competitors by adding new categories. I.e. Best Presented Competitor or Encouragement Awards.. Rather than High Point Score etc.
  • Sometimes (but not always) we can provide your key event staff with Sweet Iron Co merchandise to wear on the day.

What we’re looking for with equestrian event sponsorship

Commitment and follow through: Sometimes we find that organisations are great at asking (or pestering) for sponsorship but not so great at following up with the commitment. We don’t ask a lot in return for our sponsorship – so hopefully this wont be a problem!

Website & social media promotion is pure gold: As we only operate online at the moment, we get the most value from website, social media and email newsletter promotions. Links and shares work much better for us than on-site posters, announcements.

Creativity and quirkiness: We’re not your average equestrian brand so we’re not afraid of looking at new, creative ideas. Feel free to send through your wild, whacky sponsorship ideas!

*Update* Please note, we’re only a new company so we cant support every event that is submitted. We will get back to you within 7 days about whether your application has been successful 🙂