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Equestrian fashion advice from the World’s top riders

Danielle (Goldstein) Waldman

Making waves with her funky feathers, Dani Waldman has hit headlines more for her equestrian fashion choices than her (outstanding!) results.

“I never understood why this sport is so straight-laced and why there’s so little deviation” she said.

“I wear things that are flattering & make me feel sexy. I think we should all dress to make ourselves feel good.”

As far as equestrian fashion advice to aspiring riders, Danielle says “What I’ve learned is to go the opposite way that everyone else going. You’re not going to gain a competitive edge by following everyone else.”

equestrian clothing

Charlotte Dujardin

What’s the best piece of equestrian clothing advice you have?

“You have to be comfortable in what you wear. When you look good and feel comfortable, you feel confident & ride better”

“As far as colours – I love red & other brights, but you can never go wrong with black”

Edwina Tops-Alexander

Currently kicking international butt in the Longines Global Champions Tour, this born & bred Aussie encourages (female) riders to embrace their feminine side.

Edwina defines her style as sporty, classic and comfortable.

“I love fashion but I don’t necessarily follow the trends. I think as you get to know yourself, you find a style that you’re comfortable with, and I’ve learnt that when you feel good you look good.”

With a list of sponsors as long as your arm (including a previous partnership with Gucci) she certainly sets the style standard for Showjumping!

Charlotte making the Christmas Rambo look work like magic!

Charlotte Casiraghi

Despite being an International Showjumper, grand-daughter of Grace Kelly & eleventh in line to the Monaco throne – Charlotte Casiraghi is not your average Royal.

Regularly experimenting with bold colours & textures – she also likes to have fun!

” My favourite riding clothes are ageless and timeless, and I love to incorporate that comfort and elegance in my life.”

“However, it’s very important to feel good in my clothes. I like fashion that suits me. I don’t take it too seriously.”

equestrian clothing
Whooomp there it is!

So what’s the bottom line?

Feeling comfortable and looking great is where it’s at. So if stuffy collars and ruffles aren’t your jam – then dont do it!

Tread your own path and see Why There’s a Scientific Reason You Ride Better When You Feel Good.

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