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What is an equestrian clinic shirt?

So… what exactly IS an equestrian clinic shirt?

An equestrian clinic shirt is a semi-formal, well fitting, collared shirt. A clinic is an intensive lesson session (sometimes held over several days) and it’s expected that riders present themselves to a high standard. 

Formal jackets and turnout gear isn’t required – but there is a certain level of rider appearance that is expected. 

What to look for in an equestrian clinic shirt

  • Form fitting. 

Regardless of your size, it’s important that your shirt is well fitting. It should be on the snug side. This is so your instructor can properly see your torso & position. 

  • Stylish

Clinics are an opportunity to showcase your individual style. Without having the constraints of formal competition wear. Why not throw in a splash of colour or some quirky prints without being too over-the-top? 

  • Collared

Collars are pretty essential for rider presentation. They’re also a no-brainer for the Australian climate. 

  • Long enough to tuck in

There is not a person in the world who wants to see your bum crack peeping out of your breeches. Not a one. 

WA rider Karen (with her horse Trooper) in the Sweet Iron PopTop clinic shirt

Can I just wear a polo shirt?


Even the most fancy-pants instructor will be happy with a polo shirt. 

Just make sure it’s clean and well fitting – not your big, baggy lawn mowing shirt. 

There are plenty of plain, cheap polo shirts available at department stores – so don’t feel like you need to splash out crazy amounts of cash. 

However if you’re going for a slightly more formal ‘rat catcher’ look,  then it will be harder to find a cheap substitute. 

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