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DIY Hay Feeder from a Futon

The only thing better than saving $$ on your feed bill, is getting to work with your Dad on a DIY project ?

Long time customer, Summer sent through a genius way to make a DIY hay feeder from a futon…. With a special appearance by her Dad.

What you need:

  • 1 x old futon bed (often giveaways on local marketplace platforms). Ensure it has a grid base, instead of the slotted base.
  • 2 x marine ply panels (example below) These are attached to ends to stabilise
  • Metal tech screws or bolts can be used (recycle some of the bolts that form part of the folding hinges)
  • Use old pallets to line the base

How to do it:

  1. Attach marine ply sheets to the ends of the frame with tech screws.
  2. Line the base with old pallets for extra stability & weight.
  3. Fold the base into a ‘V’ shape and screw into marine ply ends.

Optional extras:

For longevity, paint the frame in hammertone. Hammertone paint gives a cool finish that looks like hammered sheet metal and also prevents rust. It comes in tins or spray for easy application.

Turn it into a slow feeder by attaching a slow feeder net over the top.

With thanks

This project was contributed by Summer, seen here looking spectacular in her Navy Skulls PopTop ?

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