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DIY Foot Bath for Horses

Anyone who’s attempted a bucket hoof soak knows that they only really work well ‘in theory’ – or with really polite horses ?

In reality, it takes a reeeaalllly long time with tipping buckets, cranky horses and exasperated humans.

Hello, Swear Jar ?

Why do you soak hooves?

?Regular soaking helps brittle hooves become healthier and more supple.

?Soaking before trimming makes the job SO much easier.

?It’s a great treatment for seedy toe, thrush and other funky foot issues.

This method is so much easier than battling with bucket baths and much faster than dealing with 4 x individual soaks with the gumboot things.

Scroll to the bottom to see the full video.

What you need:

✅4 x 3m pine poles

✅4 x corner brackets

✅1 x medium duty tarp

✅Old carpets


1️⃣Place 4 x poles in a square shape.

2️⃣Secure ends with corner brackets.

3️⃣Place tarp over the top and tuck around the poles.

4️⃣Put put old carpets inside the square, on top of the tarp. This helps preserve the integrity of the tarp – and stops their hooves making holes.

5️⃣Fill with water.

6️⃣For horses with seedy toe or thrush you can add some apple cider vinegar, bleach, epsom salts or bluestone. There are plenty of resources online so Google and choose your preference.

Walk horse in & give them a feed while their feet soak up the goodness.

With Thanks:

This DIY project came through from Pam, pictured here in her Dirty Martini PopTop.

Pam’s an avid equestrian and aviator – is that not the coolest combination ever??

Pam’s horse Zeus is a TB with persistently brittle hooves so on the recommendation of her vet/farrier she whipped one up to feed Zeus in.

See the whole video here:

How to make a foot bath for horses

If you're looking for ways to be productive during shutdown, then checkout this DIY foot bath ?It's a great way to soften brittle hooves or soak out the nasties of thrush & seedy toe. Thanks to Pam for showing us how…. Gotta love the Skulls PopTop cameo too! ?

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